YOGA meets ART
for a Life of Intensified Perception

YOGA ART combines
• joyful MOVEMENT,
• active MEDITATION, and
• inspiring CREATIVITY
to a holistic experience that awakens the desire for a mindful life.
YOGA ART means both the yogic way of life and the art of creative expression. The contemplative potential of the ancient wisdom tradition of yoga is combined with modern creativity tools. The practice of yoga and meditation is a cultivation of attention as well as observation. With a sense of calm centredness, it is easier to learn, work and live.
The art of creative expression gives us a feeling of freedom. Being enabled to unfold and flourish allows us to breathe a sigh of relief and at the same time encourages us to be more creative in all areas of our lives.
YOGA ART stands for a playful, creative approach to the wide field of mindfulness - with a clear mind and sharpened senses - for little and big explorers of the world in their pursuit of the vivid, colourful diversity of their individual creativity.
YOGA ART offers those who want to nourish their creative potential and promote their ability to have an experience a variety of opportunities to experience themselves. The offer is aimed at all those who are looking for effective ways of sustainable stress reduction - renewal and change in mind.
YOGA ART motivates to a creative way of life, to conscious and healthy movement, liberated from any pressure to perform, and strengthened by the joy of the possibilities of one's own body. Especially in combination with the practice of meditation, this can bring more balance between tension and relaxation into our lives.
Desirable (side) effects:
YOGA ART inspires loving self-care,
• stimulates the refinement of the senses,
• supports the clarification of the mind,
• helps to adopt new perspectives,
• serves as a driving force for innovation,
• promotes concentration,
• fires creativity,
• awakens intuition, and
• activates the imagination.
Yoga and art open up possibilities to establish a better contact with ourselves. Through mindfulness exercises, the connection between body and mind is harmonised. In the creation of meditative experiences through artistic forms of expression lies the potential to foster imagination - perhaps the most important resource of the future - and to facilitate processes of change.
The practice of yoga motivates us to look within, while creativity challenges us to bring something into the world: Thoughts, deeds or things. In creative-artistic expression we find the possibility to show our inner processes and thus make them visible to others.
In yoga and creative courses, YOGA ART connects the inside with the outside of our being.
Tools suitable for everyday life, such as breathing exercises (e.g. for activating the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce anxiety/stress), give us the freedom to shape our lives a little more consciously. Through yoga and meditative-creative forms of expression, the mind calms down and physical self-awareness is strengthened.
In moments of mental calm, creativity takes place. Creativity is one of the most wonderful human qualities and resources. For a successful life we are all called upon to nurture it.

YOGA ART combines two of my greatest interests: the ancient wisdom tradition of yoga and art. Mindfulness, meditation, yoga and various creativity techniques gained increasing importance in my life over the years. I am convinced that intuitive-creative forms of expression reveal themselves out of a cultivated serenity, which gradually also enrich everyday life. I understand yoga as a way of life with holistic suggestions for the development of individual and collective happiness. With YOGA ART, I am realising a project of the heart - in the hope of inspiring people on their path.
The design of my yoga sessions is characterised by a combination of powerful dynamic sequences of the yang styles with concluding resting, static-passive elements of the yin styles. For me, desire for movement means listening to what the body is really asking for and relying on  one's own instincts.
My creative sessions in a relaxed atmosphere celebrate the goodness and beauty of life. They awaken a feeling of inner contentment and help to take on new perspectives.

YOGA ART brings colour to your life!
Grant yourself and your loved ones – your employees, clients, visitors or guests – a unique YOGA ART event specially attuned to your needs!
As a mobile studio, YOGA ART is very flexible and can be located exactly where you wish it to be.
YOGA ART is happy to come to your home and workplace.
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Namasté ♡ नमस्ते

Mag.a Lea Stoll, MA
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